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Why the Long Nose, Harry?

Misleading the public is a serious offense for anyone, especially so for someone who is asking for your vote. That's why we should be leery of Harry Benton.  Winston Churchill once said "a lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on."  That's even more accurate when Benton has almost $2 million of Madigan's money to spread that misinformation. 

Here's a look at just a few of the lies that Harry Benton is spreading with money he's received from the most corrupt politician in Illinois' long history.


If Benton's lies were true, would Mark Batinick

be endorsed by all three major newspapers?


How do Benton and Madigan get away with such blatant dishonesty?


There hasn't been a single vote on the issues that Benton presents as fact.  


This is their game: Madigan often presents budget bills that are hundreds of pages long and wildly out of balance -- often by billions of dollars.  The only appropriate action is to vote no.  They use this as an excuse to accuse people of being against any single line item in the budget even when that is not the case.  

As an example, Benton and Madigan accuse Mark of voting to "defund the police". The movement to defund police grew out of the disturbing death of George Floyd.  Floyd died on May 25, 2020. The most recent day that the Illinois House was in session was May 23, 2020. That was 2 days BEFORE Floyd's death.

Women's Health

One of Harry Benton's most outrageous lies distorts Mark's record concerning women's health.  This accusation is beyond distasteful.


This issue is personal to Mark, as he's had family members whose health has been impacted by women's health issues.


Mark has been an advocate for women's health issues during his time in Springfield. See this story on Mark Batinick's bill to expand coverage of mammogram screenings:

Pritzker Signs Bill to Expand Mammogram Screenings

Victims Rights

Another despicable deception on the part of Harry Benton is the misrepresentation of Batinick's record on protecting victims of heinous crimes. 


This bold-faced lie is easy to refute. Batinick has gone to bat for victims for years, working on one essential bill for the past 5 years. Why 5 years? Because Mike Madigan refuses to call it for a vote!

Batinick Files “Stephanie’s Law” to Close Sex Offender Loophole

Mark was also the chief cosponsor of HB 2135, which removed the statute of limitations on the prosecution of sex crimes.  Read more here.


Mark Voted to Defund the Police


Mark has never voted to reduce the funding to any law enforcement agency. In fact, Mark Batinick is endorsed by the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police and the Illinois Sheriffs.


Mark Voted Against Funding for Criminal Investigations


Mark Batinick has never proposed or agreed with reductions of funding to investigate crimes against women.  Mark has sponsored and voted for numerous bills the protect women, including a bill that removed the statute of limitations on prosecution of sexual assault cases.


Mark Failed in His Response to COVID


This couldn't be further from the truth. Mark Batinick was a leader by all accounts during COVID-19. Mark launched a Helping Hands Program to ensure seniors and vulnerable citizens were attended to. Mark was an advocate for masks to protect retail and service workers far before this was widely encouraged. Mark's work during COVID has been praised by community groups and Gov. Pritzker.


Harry Benton's single largest campaign backer is Mike Madigan. That's not in dispute. The evidence can be found at the Illinois Board of Elections website

Here are the real questions: 

  • Why is Harry Benton so close with the most corrupt individual in the history of our state?  

  • Why would Harry Benton so closely tie himself to someone who has been a part of a rape cover-up?

  • Why would Benton take money from "Public Official A", whose corruption has cost the very people who he wishes to represent millions in higher utility rates?

Dirty Money


And counting...

More of Harry's Lies

Benton has parlayed this windfall of cash from Madigan into a campaign of lies directed at Mark Batinick. 

Harry knows that Mark has been recognized by state leaders, community groups and countless citizens for his COVID response. 

Yet, Harry tells you otherwise. Don't take Mark's word for it, listen to what Governor JB Pritzker says.

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