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Batinick bill to expand mammogram screenings becomes law


There's a new law on the books in 2020 that will go a step further in improving women's breast health.

The law will require insurance companies to cover comprehensive ultrasound screenings if a mammogram shows signs of dense breast tissue or when medically necessary as determined by a doctor.

State Rep. Mark Batinick, R-Plainfield, was a co-sponsor of the legislation, Senate Bill 162.

The law provides women in Illinois access to necessary medical testing that can make all the difference in detecting and treating breast cancer,” Batinick said.

Removing obstacles such as the high costs of deductibles will make an important impact in women’s health to ensure all women in our state receive the testing they need to continue living healthy lives.

Originally, the Susan G. Komen Foundation shined a light on the need for the change. That organization was concerned that the increasing cost of deductibles is forcing women to forego important follow-up mammograms, which are oftentimes required.

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