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Calling Out Corruption

Over the years, you've heard me call for an end to the corruption that plagues Illinois state government, beginning with the resignation of Speaker Mike Madigan. Well, it appears that Madigan has taken notice and has hand picked Democrat Harry Benton to run against me in the 2020 general election. Not only has Madigan selected Benton, the Speaker is also almost completely funding Benton's campaign efforts through the campaign slush funds that Madigan 100% controls.

Don't take my word for it. Below I will share the official filings of the Madigan-chaired organizations that fund Harry Benton. Here are state election authority links to the two main organizations that are funding the campaign of my opponent:

It's clear that these organizations are 100% controlled by Speaker Madigan, who is under federal investigation for bribery and has been connected to rape cover-ups, ghost worker scandals and accusations of sexual misconduct throughout his organization. Now let's take a look at Harry Benton's campaign funding. I'll link to several "A-1" filings, which are the public records of the Illinois Board of Elections when contributions over $1,000 are made to a political candidate. Here are A-1 filings to Harry Benton's campaign in just the last couple of weeks:

There's more cash flowing from Madigan to Benton's campaign, but I think the above demonstrates the large sums of money and the frequency at which it's being given. No wonder Harry Benton continues to stand with Madigan. Mike Madigan is driving force behind the Benton campaign. This is just one way Madigan keeps a tight grip on the Democratic lawmakers in the Illinois House. Despite his claims of a desire to "clean up Springfield", does anyone really think Harry Benton would fight the corrupt political machine that he is now indebted to? No? Me either...

Want Madigan gone? Sign my petition to demand his resignation. Click here.

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