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Illinois Property Taxes: We Need Change

Ask any Illinoisan about why they love their state and the answers will be plentiful. Ask them what they like least about the Land of Lincoln and you'll get the same response from many: property taxes! They never go down and while some acknowledge the problem, there seems to be too few in Springfield who are serious about doing something about it.

Rest assured, this issue has been at or near the very top of my list as your representative in Springfield! I have worked for reforms that would bring more efficiency to state government. I'm proud to say that there have been "wins" along the way, as I supported one bill saving taxpayers over $300 million per year by reducing burdens on local governmental bodies! Unfortunately, that's a small dent in a huge problem. There is much more work to be done. For example, I've advocated for ways to fund our education that would benefit schools AND property tax payers and I'll continue to do so.

I'll also continue to shine a spotlight on the lip service given to this issue by the majority party. My opponent lists this as a key issue, yet those who support his candidacy have enough votes in both chambers, as well as the governors seat and could have made some progress on this issue. Alas, they have not. Instead a "task force" on the issue was formed in 2019, with no progress to show for it. The FY2021 budget, which relies on $5 billion of borrowing, is further proof that those in Springfield who back my opponent's campaign fail to grasp the issues facing Illinois.

In the end, property tax burdens are an issue that must be addressed in a meaningful way. More and more Illinois residents and jobs continue to leave the state, with the enormous tax burden being a chief complaint amongst those composing the outmigration. Property taxes are a burden on our residents and a burden on the growth prospects for our state.


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