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Letter: A Lesson in Leadership

Dear Friends,

To use the cliched “unprecedented time in America” phrase seems like a gross understatement. Truly, very few people walking the earth right now can recall a day when there was so much turmoil and unrest. During such times, leadership is a key element to a swift return to normalcy. Not just any leadership: active, principled, and compassionate leadership. Our area is lucky to have such leadership. In the last three months, State Representative Mark Batinick has put on public display just that type of leadership. Don’t get me wrong, Mark has been this type of leader for years, in Springfield and in our community. It’s just that right now, when we’re all looking for brightness in dark times, we’ve seen Mark’s light shine more than ever.

During the COVD-19 outbreak, Representative Batinick didn’t sit idly by and wait for others to act. Mark organized his team and a small group of volunteers to form Helping Hands, an effort to assist the seniors and the immune-compromised in our community with basic, but necessary tasks. Picking up a prescription or essential groceries… small things in normal times, but vital assistance in times of a global pandemic. Mark has been an advocate for our small businesses, dedicating himself to awareness of the effectiveness of masks and sanitizing as an avenue to keep citizens healthy while getting our economy going once again. These are just a couple of examples of his leadership in recent weeks. Beyond that, for the past 11 months, Mark Batinick has faithfully donated the 2019 pay raise given to state legislators (which he opposed) to organizations that assist foster families in our area. He opposed the 2020 pay raise and has stated that he will once again contribute those dollars to community organizations.

Mark is not a newcomer to leadership but perhaps it took dark times for the people he represents to recognize his bright light shining on their behalf. Many thanks, Mark, from the people of the 97th District.


Margie Bonuchi

Plainfield Village Trustee

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