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The Sound of Silence: Harry Benton Stays Mum on Latest Democratic Cover-Up

After months of silence, Democratic House candidate Harry Benton continues to avoid discussing the controversies surrounding Speaker Madigan’s operations, despite WBEZ’s recent coverage alleging “powerful former Springfield lobbyist and close friend of House Speaker Michael Madigan” in covering up a rape in Champaign and ghost payrolling of government workers.

“Over the past weeks and months, the Madigan operation has been exposed on several fronts: sexual harassment, payoffs to perpetrators of sexual harassment, “magic lobby lists,” potential “pay to play,” hints of ghost payrolling, indictments, subpoenas, and more,” said State Representative Mark Batinick. “But Tuesday’s revelation of a rape coverup was the most sickening and requires everyone to take a stand against protecting the politically connected.”

Last month, State Representative Batinick challenged his opponent, Harry Benton, to provide a simple “yes” or “no” on whether he supports Mike Madigan’s continuation as Speaker in light of multiple federal investigations involving the Speaker’s inner circle of confidants. Benton declined to say whether he supports Speaker Madigan and called any efforts to get an answer out of him a “distraction and partisan spin.”

“I will continue as an advocate for the taxpayer and call out corruption when I see it,” said Batinick. “When it comes to fighting corruption, Mr. Benton’s silence only proves his loyalty to Madigan takes precedence over serving the people. Radio silence is not leadership, Mr. Benton.”

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