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Governor JB Pritzker: Mark Batinick "Very Helpful" During COVID Pandemic 

State Representative Mark Batinick has been the leader our community needs during COVID-19.  Beyond his work to see legislators reconvened in Springfield, Mark's efforts have been focused in two areas:

Helping Hands- Rep. Mark Batinick moved quickly to launch "Helping Hands" in mid-March to aid those who were the most vulnerable to COVID-19. This service picked up things like grocery and medications for the elderly, immune compromised, or disabled in out communities. This outreached served hundreds across the District and has already received recognition from community groups and media outlets.

Mask Use-  Batinick also was among the very earliest advocates for mask use, pushing for the safety measure before the CDC or state moved in that direction. Mark's research and conversations with experts led him to launch a "Let's Face It" effort to keep essential workers safe as well as to protect the public as they engaged in essential activities, like grocery shopping. Even Governor JB Pritzker praised Rep. Batinick for his efforts to bring about broader mask usage. (See video above). Batinick donated thousands of masks to these workers across the area to promote a safer environment for all. 

When COVID reached our area, Mark didn't sit by and wonder what might happen next. He sprung into action. That's not even debatable. To this day, Mark continues to follow up with those in need with a coordinated text and phone outreach program.

Feedback from Mark's Text and Phone Outreach


Meanwhile, Batinick's opponent, Harry Benton has used mail pieces funded by Mike Madigan to tell bold-faced lies about Batinick. Funding by the corrupt Madigan is on pace to reach well into the millions of dollars. How can a someone spread blatant false information using dirty money and then ask for your vote? A good question for Harry Benton!

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