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Madigan Must Go!


Speaker Michael J. Madigan has been Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives for 35 years, making him the longest-serving leader of any state or federal legislative body in the history of the United States. Madigan and the members of his legislative caucus have long lived under a cloud of suspicion, with self dealings and conflicts of interest in plentiful supply.


In recent months, the magnitude of these questionable activities has come to the forefront, aided by multiple federal investigations of Democratic lawmakers and local Chicago politicians with ties to Madigan. The allegations brought to light in these investigations, search warrants and indictments have been nothing less than despicable. Bribery, ghost workers and covered up sexual allegations against those closest to Madigan.

The people of Illinois have had enough! Add your voice to the choir of those who want to see Mike Madigan go. Sign our petition and your voice will be heard!

Sign Our Petition!

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