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There are many issues facing the state.  But almost all fall into one of two categories – The Negative Economic Environment and the lack of Government Reforms.  The formula is simple.  Economic Reforms + Government Reforms = A Brighter Future for Illinois.

Economic Reforms


The Job Creators face many challenges in Illinois.  Our high tax rates are among them.  They pay high income taxes, high property taxes, high gas taxes, and high sales taxes. Competing states have reigned in, and in some cases eliminated, these taxes.

See HereHereHere, and Here.

High Worker’s Compensation rates also are a significant drag on the job creators.  While this issue is not at the forefront of most peoples heads, it should be.  The higher insurance rates that Illinois businesses pay acts like a tax on the business, but none of the cost goes to the state.  This can cost small manufacturing businesses tens of thousands of dollars.  Read more Here.

These costs can turn a small profit into a large loss – solely because the business is located within the State of Illinois borders.  The cause is Illinois’ litigious environment.  Lawsuit reform is necessary.  See Here

Finally, it’s been well noted that Illinois is a corrupt state.  Businesses are intimidated by the current stigmatism.  Would you move your business to an area where you felt that political influence was more meaningful than hard work?  The Politician’s hand needs to be removed from direct business involvement.


Government Reforms


I support Term Limits for state officials.  Term limits may be one of the most needed reforms in Illinois.  Being a politician has become a way of life instead of a way to serve.  This has not been in the best interest of the public.

I support a fair, non-partisan formula for redistricting.  Gerrymandering is responsible for some of the issues facing Illinois.  Politicians draw cozy, partisan districts for themselves.  This is one of the main reasons there is over a 95% re-election rate for incumbents.  That seems impossible in a state run this poorly, but it’s true.

I support Pension Reform.  There are three requirements for pension reform.  We must keep our honest promises.  We must eliminate abuses.  We must create a system that is fair and sustainable.  The abuses have been well documented.  The politicians in Springfield should not have the ability to skip pension payments.  This is partially responsible for the problem.  Any pension payments should be reasonable and also required by contract. In addition, politicians should not take a pension.  As stated previously, politicians are there to serve.  It should not be a way of life.  When elected, I will not be enrolling in the legislative pension program.

I support Campaign Finance Reform.  The recently passed “reform” actually consolidated power.  While fundraising limits were put on rank and file politicians, legislative leaders were unaffected.   It actually consolidated power and gave Speaker Madigan MORE control.  That is not reform.  I support  true reform.


A Brighter Illinois


Illinois should be an economic magnet.  We should be a job-creating machine.  We have some of the greatest agricultural, manufacturing, and energy resources in the world.  With the implementation of the reforms stated above, Illinois will be great again.

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